Rosario and Jesus Gonzalez are the owners of Casa Antigua, Inc.

Also known as NIU Urban Living furniture store in McAllen, TX.


The Hispanic husband and wife team started their company as an importer of Mexican decor, traveling all over Texas selling their imported Mexican “wares”. From small beginnings, their vision evolved from a garage operation to a 7,000 square foot store front in McAllen, Texas which they stocked with imports from around the world and custom designed furniture and decor manufactured at their small maquiladora in Reynosa, Mexico. Their custom designed products, were, for many years, represented in showrooms in the world trade center in Dallas and were purchased by customers from all over the country and beyond.

As McAllen continued to grow in population, Casa Antigua’s retail business grew as well. Always supported by northern Mexico buyers traveling to the border to make retail purchases, the owners integrated more contemporary style decor and furniture for these buyers, into the original Casa Antigua mix and it was a great success.   

Today, the entrepreneurial couple have a 33,000 square foot, 3 story retail furniture and decor store in the heart of McAllen that offers an extensive selection of modern, contemporary and transitional furniture and decor, commercial office furniture, as well as imported items. 

The store has a current staff of 30 dedicated and talented employees, including a team of designers and architectural drafters, as well as, experienced residential and commercial furniture installers.