American Leather Co.: Manufacturers of Customizable Furniture

American Leather Co.: Manufacturers of Customizable Furniture

Engineers with a truly unique vision founded the American Leather Company in the year 1990 in Dallas. It was founded when three months was considered the standard delivery time for customized furniture. However, the founders of the company were convinced that 12 weeks was too long for any order to reach fruition.

So, with this vision in mind, company founder Bob Duncan and his management team started setting new standards in the custom-made furniture industry. The goal was to deliver customized furniture within 30 days, three times faster than the average standard during that time. The company achieved this while also providing high quality and variety. They did this by applying innovative techniques and using modern technology and manufacturing methods.

During its inception, American Leather started with just nine employees in a borrowed facility measuring 5,000 square feet. The small team of engineers designed the factory using the latest technology and systems to enable mass customization, establishing itself as North America’s most automated furniture manufacturer.

Presently, the company has over 600 employees working in a state-of-the-art factory in South Dallas, measuring a whopping 350,000 square feet. American Leather offers over 800,000 furniture combinations, which is exclusive to your fabric or leather choice. It is available in all colors, further adding to their impressive services.

American Leather Co. Attributes

American leather furniture brandishing living room

While the company’s production scale is truly amazing, true progress lies in its creativity, excellent artistry, and overall performance, which is aided by technical improvements. American Leather presents a collection of innovative designs every year. With the company being spread across 35 nations, diversity stands as one of its core strengths.

American Leather follows a detail-centric process filled with modern advances and the finest forms of precision cuts to bring perfection. It all starts with the company’s award-winning designers and inventors, who come up with the most creative designs. Besides the design, comfort and durability are key points that are kept in mind while manufacturing the products.

American Leather holds a distinct service where they provide a lifetime warranty on every furniture frame. The brand uses Computer Numeric Control, a precision cutting technology with a .004” precision. Along with this, it also uses an advanced leather cutting system that is fully automated, ensuring that each hide is used to the maximum.

American Leather also believes in the philosophy of maintaining sustainability with style. Standing as one of the founding members of the Sustainable Furniture Council, a nonprofit organization promoting sustainable furniture manufacturing practices, the company uses environmentally friendly products and produces exceptionally low amounts of waste and scrap, which are also recycled or reused.

American Leather Furniture’s Top Products

Astoria couch


Sofas are a living room’s staple piece, around which other furniture pieces are built. Astoria by American Leather is a cool and flexible design that goes along with multiple style options. It lets you choose from different inside cushions and options for the outer frame. This gives you the ability to create your unique design. Astoria’s buttonless tufting, coupled with double-stitched seams, provides excellent comfort. All its components are fully finished, so they feature as stand-alone pieces or come together as one.

Dexter chair


Dexter by American Leather features neat track arms on both sides, which slightly overhang the side panels by a few inches. It has a specially designed reclining mechanism that delivers extreme comfort and a built-in footrest. The Dexter comes in two sizes, RV5 and RV7, and it has an overall smooth and modern shape.

Cumulus Comfort Air chair

Cumulus Comfort Air™

The Cumulus Comfort Air™ by American Leather is a part of “The Comfort Air” series, which is a collection of specially designed modern rocking chairs. The Cumulus features a classic track arm and a back cushion that runs immaculately with the seat cushion. What makes the Cumulus Comfort Air special is its innovative technology that reacts to every movement you make. The Cumulus comes in three different sizes and colors and consists of four star-bases that you can choose from.

Harris Comfort Sleeper black

Harris Comfort Sleeper

The Harris presents the best in comfort and style. It features beautiful curved wooden legs, which are customizable in different finishing options. A special feature of the Harris includes a patented Tiffany 24/7™ Sleep System. This special sleep system provides you with all the comfort of sleeping on a real bed. What makes it even better is that the Harris takes up less space than the typical comfort sleeper. It provides this without compromising your sleeping space.

Parma accent chair blue


Accent chairs are a great way to add extra depth and character to your living room. The Parma is one such accent chair, which features a curvy European design that adds to the comfort. Parma’s unique feature is its deep seat with a low profile that gives you superior comfort. Like all American Leather Accent Chairs, the Parma allows you to create your own customized statement piece for your living area. Choose your own upholstery in leather or fabric and choose a base element from our varied options.

American Leather Furniture in McAllen


All the exclusive designs of American Leather furniture are available in McAllen, Texas, at the Niu Urban Living furniture store and showroom, located at 1318 N 10th St, McAllen. You can also explore our entire American Leather furniture range here.

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