Caracole Home Furniture: Quality, Comfort, and Elegance

Caracole Home Furniture: Quality, Comfort, and Elegance

Caracole, as we know it today, previously existed under the name — Schnadig International Corporation. This Corporation has been a successful manufacturer of furniture since the 19th century.

In 2009, it was sold to Markor Furniture. Markor Furniture is a Chinese case goods and upholstery manufacturer founded by Richard Feng and his colleagues in 1990. It was an architecture and interior design company that soon evolved to become a furniture manufacturer. Richard’s love for art and design, vision, and years of experience have brought excellence in the artistry and design of the products his company manufactures.

The first line of Caracole furniture was introduced in October of 2009 by Markor Furniture. Caracole offers individual timeless furniture pieces to make a statement in any room of a home. Each piece is designed to be able to stand out on its own without being a part of a collection. Their designs are unique and range from the modern to the classics. The company is creative in its styles with multifunctional and practical designs.

Its first launch was well received by customers and has since been the most successful and affordable luxury brand in America and abroad. The company, at present, has a manufacturing unit in North Carolina.

Furniture Attributes

Caracole furniture is one of the most successful American brands in exports. Its products have been sold worldwide to more than 50 countries. The company offers well-designed, stylish, high-quality products with multifunctional aspects such as hidden electronic charging stations and many other innovative storage options.

The furniture is made from the highest quality materials and fabric that has been carefully selected. The company offers a variety of products for every room in a house through five different portfolios catered to a customer’s preference. They have Caracole Classics, Caracole Signature, Caracole Modern, and Compositions. They also have a Caracole couture portfolio where customers can add their signature and design to the products. Caracole products are unique and classy and provide a live-in luxury feel to every room to bring out the “Ah-ha effect” from every guest or visitor.

Dinner Roll

This seat has a comfortable yet sophisticated design to be put around a table. Crafted from luxurious fabric with soft curved wooden arms furnished in a rich dark chocolate polish, the seat has a concave curve at the front, allowing for comfortable seating at the table.


This is a one-of-a-kind modern wing chair designed to portray a powerful character. Covered in beautiful cool fabric, this modern-day inspiration is a statement piece that will bring a dull room to life. Its splayed legs highlighted in a midnight terrain finish complete the chair’s aesthetic.

Made to Shine

This classic nine-drawer design is the ultimate embodiment of class and style. Finished with moonlit sand polish over curly silver maple and soft silver leaf accents, it is sure to be an attention grabber. The ferrules have also been lightly brushed with chrome metal to add a little bit of reflectivity.

I’ll Take the Corner Table

This is a beautiful cocktail table that is well-balanced on clear acrylic posts. Its unique design allows light to play with our imagination and makes the tuxedo black table-top seem floating. Little gold metal accents fabricate moments of shimmer and reflection, making the table the center of attention in any room.

Cool & Classic

This simple, yet artistic design will make a modern-day living room look stunningly classy and cool. It is accentuated with a beautiful pearl finish, which can be paired with any clean-lined sofa to match its aesthetic or with a contrasting curvy upholstered piece.

Collar Up

This dining room chair will bring an air of luxury to the dining area. It is stunningly designed with a tall winged seat back and a tailored finger pleat detail along the inside of the seat back, which will make the chair a truly unique and attractive piece. Its fabric is neutered colored with little hints of peacock and gold. In contrast, its wooden counterparts are adorned in warm harvest bronze to make the chair a truly magnificent piece.


This is a beautiful bedside table that adds a little bit of spice and glamour to a bedroom. It is open in the middle and has two drawers with sparkling jewelry-like pulls. It has a curvy and chic silhouette, finished in gold shimmer with bronze accents. Furthermore, it is the perfect sassy addition to make a bedroom look rich and luxurious.

Caracole Furniture in McAllen, TX

Do you want to buy Caracole furniture? Head down to our Niu Urban Living Showroom in McAllen, where we have the finest collection of Caracole furniture. You can visit us at 1318 N.10th St. McAllen, TX 78501.

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