Father’s Day: Gifting a Stressless Chair

Father’s Day: Gifting a Stressless Chair

Choosing a Father’s Day gift can be tricky. You want your Father’s Day gift to symbolize your care and admiration for your father. But you are unsure if a new suit or a pair of leather shoes is the best way to go!

We recommend gifting your father a stressless recliner on this special day. Not many would usually sway this way for a Father’s Day gift. That is what makes it unique. Moreover, a stressless recliner chair that can become your father’s corner of relaxation and comfort is the best way to show how much you care about his wellbeing. A stressless chair is not a short-lived gift that will grow out of its utility; it is a long-term investment that will look after your father’s wellbeing daily.

If you are on board with this gifting idea but do not know what a stressless recliner offers, we at Niu Urban have curated a list of our bestselling stressless chairs for you.

Each of these recliners is unique in design and its use value. These are bound to ease the creases on your father’s face and lighten him up with a smile.

Best Stressless Recliners At Niu Urban Living For Father’s Day 2022

Stressless Sunrise in black

Stressless Sunrise Recliner

This is a classic stressless chair with an authentic design. This particular product comes in an elegant oxford blue color in Paloma, but you can customize it from 65 different leather options. The recliner has a laid-back design, and the supple cushioning provides back support. The comfort quotient is maximized with a stool for stretching the legs.

What’s Special: This chair is equipped with 3 of our innovative technologies:

  • balance adapt – for a gentle rocking motion that provides a calming effect;
  • plus, system – the headrest automatically adjusts according to the sitting position;
  • glide system – the wheels adjust automatically based on the body weight and position.

Stressless Reno sand

Stressless Reno Signature Recliner

The Reno chair is designed for optimum comfort irrespective of any sitting position. This is a signature recliner paired with the perfect footstool. This model uses Paloma material in a sand brown color, which is open to customization. The over pads of this chair are filled with high-quality soft foam for maximum body support. The headrest is adjustable and extends up to 4-inch. The base of the recliner has a strong and durable wood build.

What’s Special: extendable headrest, soft foam padding. The stressless experience of this chair is heightened with our three innovative technologies: balance adapts, plus system, and the glide system.

Stressless Magic sand

Stressless Magic Signature Recliner

This is a classic design with modern accents. The dark chocolate color in Paloma’s material uplifts the style quotient of this chair. The legs and wood color are complementary in matte black and dark wedge, making this a statement piece. However, the comfort factor is not lost in style. This recliner is designed for absolute comfort: embedded throughout with softness that envelopes your body in therapeutic comfort. Moreover, the headrest of this chair is adjustable up to 4 inches. This recliner comes with a footstool designed with the same high-quality materials in chocolate color.

What’s Special: rich color and fabric texture, extendable headrest. This magic chair is equipped with our three innovative technologies: balance adapts, plus system, and the glide system.

Stressless Opal sand

Stressless Opal Classic Recliner

This chair is a perfect fit for those who love vintage designs in rich colors. This stressless recliner has a unique wood leg design, which is matched with the base of its footstool in oak wood color. Stressless Opal Classic chair has a padded surface that provides maximum support to the entire body in any sitting position. The footstool has a tilted design that does not distort your legs’ natural bend. This recliner comes in a statement sparrow blue color in Paloma, but can be customized.

What’s Special: unique leg design, rich colors, and textures, three innovative technologies:  balance adapt, plus system, and the glide system.

Stressless Max dark

Stressless Max

An ultramodern stressless chair with the goodness of all the original features. This stressless recliner has a power-packed performance that delivers comfort beyond imagination. This is an automatic chair that adjusts its supporting areas with the touch of a button. Stressless Max recliner has calming rocking motions that provide instant relief and helps your body relax. The best feature is its 360-degree-swivel moon base, which is strong, durable, and complements modern interiors.

What’s Special: modern design, adjustable support, swivel moon base. This chair has a special glider-relaxer technology that reclines the recliner and extends the leg support to help you lay back and relax.

These are the few select stressless chairs recommended for your Father’s Day gift. Our store has a much larger collection for you to choose from or customize these select products.

We have special offers, including our 2022 Father’s Day Sale or a 12-monthly special financing plan through Wells Fargo Bank, N.A, to make your gifting easier and feasible.

To know more, visit our showroom.

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