Marge Carson Furniture: California Casual Look

Marge Carson Furniture: California Casual Look

The beginnings of Marge Carson furniture can be traced back to 1947, with a single decisive step, by an interior designer named Marjorie Reese Carson, who decided to set up her custom upholstery shop in an abandoned chicken coop to design and produce handcrafted furniture for her customer’s luxurious homes.

As a result of her sheer commitment, fresh ideas, and high-quality craftsmanship, Marge Carson furniture quickly scaled to the top in the furniture business. By 1953, a production unit was set up in Rosemead, a suburb of Los Angeles. The company reflected Marjori’s personal style and impeccable taste. She continued to be the sole owner of Marge Carson till 1984 when Masco Corp. took the ownership.

In 1995, Jim LaBarge acquired Marge Carson furniture from Masco corp. and expanded its production line, designs, capacity, and distribution; the headquarters were also relocated to Pomona, California, in 2012. In recent years, Marge Carson furniture has expanded to Mexico and the Asian market in the Philippines.

Marge Carson Attributes

With 75 years of unparalleled leadership, Marge Carson has been defining and redefining new standards of luxury furniture. The distinctive furniture designs by Marge Carson in the 20th Century became the much-coveted “California Casual Look,” which took the entire furniture industry by storm.

The California casual look is a statement of taste, elegance, and luxury more than the design: neutral palettes in rich fabrics that elevate innovative, on-trend designs to reflect an effortless sense of style, aligned perfectly with California’s spacious houses and relaxed lifestyle. Marge Carson furniture enhances the furniture experience for their customers further by allowing them to design each detail of their ordered furniture, making it personal, unique, and a statement piece like no other.

The diversity of products and services offered by Marge Carson, each an epitome of quality and style, has no bounds, from single statement pieces to large furniture that can accommodate 40-50 people. With 550 distinctive fabrics, 60 different finishes, and 25 different trims, Marge Carson furniture is peerless in the furniture industry. Their impeccable sense of adaptability, as they keep up with ever-changing trends in fashion while holding onto their classic roots, makes their furniture timeless.

Marge Carson Top Products

Marge Carson's Eclipse nightstand

The Eclipse

A nightstand that adds vintage elegance to your bedroom and is designed for optimized utility. Rich textural finishes ranging from Malt – warm greige Pumice – stone-like Agate make it dramatic subtly. This nightstand can be further personalized using Marge Carson furniture’s custom services.

Marge Carson's Hollywood sofaHollywood

A luxurious, Hollywood-style sofa with special in-depth seating for the ultimate comfort. This design is completely customizable depending on your needs; the wood finish and texture of fabric for the upholstery and the configuration and sizes can be customized based on your available space.

Marge Carson's Santa Barbara sofaSanta Barbara

A spacious transitional sofa that exudes elegance through its design and finishes. Suitable for ample pillows and cushions that provide enhanced comfort. This particular sofa can also be customized to your preferences, from the configuration based on your available space to the fabric, wood finish, pillow fabric, base, and frame trim.

Marge Caron's Playa sofaPlaya

The ultimate statement sofa designed to transform your living room from a basic space to a stylized modern living experience. The design is open to customizations for fabric type, wood finish, pillow fabric, base, frame trim, and the best configuration suited for your space.

Marge Carson's Giselle sofaGiselle

A statement sofa that reflects a new and trendy style amalgamated with classic frame curves and elegant upholstery. Every detail of this design is open for customization; fabric, wood finish, frame trim, pillow fabric, and the configuration make it a one-of-a-kind sofa that is not just a piece of furniture but a statement of your style.


A mix of classic and modern designs perfectly balanced with the comfort quotient makes it luxurious and comfortable at the same time. An accent chair is one piece of furniture that can bring all of the elements in your room together and create harmony. With the customization options for this accent chair, you can ensure the perfect harmony in your space.

Marge Carson's Palo Alto bedPalo Alto

An upholstered bed designed for maximum comfort and elegant style that doesn’t get old with time. This bed can be customized according to your preference of upholstery type, fabric, and wood finish, and a customized configuration for the best fit in your space.

Marge Carson Furniture in McAllen

All the exclusive designs of Marge Carson furniture are available in McAllen, Texas, at the Niu Urban Living furniture store and showroom,  located at 1318 N 10th St, McAllen. You can contact our store experts via a call or visit the store for consults on your Marge Carson furniture customization and purchase.

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