5 Reasons Recliner Chairs are a Good Investment

5 Reasons Recliner Chairs are a Good Investment

There are many things to add to your living room this holiday season – accent chairs and couches but nothing spells comfort quite like a recliner. Soft fabrics and modern designs come together to offer complete lumbar support and this makes recliners must-have furniture pieces in your home. Today, recliners have gone beyond basic functions. They come fitted with incredible features and controls. Once you’re nestled snugly on a recliner, you’d need ample coaxing to vacate it. But as with all things luxurious, this comfort comes at a premium. A typical recliner with a backrest, thick, soft cushions, and neck rest can set you back by a few hundred dollars.

Before splurging on this newest addition to your homes, take a look at how and why recliner chairs are such a good investment:

1. Undeniable health benefits of recliners

Relaxed looking woman sitting on recliner chairA recliner chair scores where most regular chairs fail – complete spinal support. The very design of a reclining chair provides accurate support to the head, neck, shoulder, spine, and back. The contouring of the seat and the backrest follows the lumbar curve all the way. Even the armrests, whether straight lines or bent outward, are meant to bring relief when you occupy the chair for long. Foam seats, hand rests, and head support padding ensure that your spine rests in its natural alignment. In addition, there are footrests to give you continuous lower body support.

Everything about a reclining chair comes together to deliver high levels of relaxation. They help soothe muscle stiffness and joint pain. If you feel drained out after a particularly busy day, plopping down on the recliner is the quickest way to feel rejuvenated. They promote proper blood circulation. Children quickly fall asleep in them, adults enjoy hours of TV and the elderly seldom want to change places. Stretch out on a recliner sofa to flush out the day’s fatigue. Minimize the chances of developing pressure points on the body when you lounge on it. Prevent back injury and expensive treatment.

2. Cutting-edge features

Modern recliners are not lumpy chairs to snooze on. They come with all the bells and whistles. From shapes that fit in your existing living rooms to all-expansive back tilts, they have been invading your homes and commercial spaces unabated. Expect to find a recliner or two in home theatres, malls, offices, and outdoor sitting areas.

The finest recliners cater to diverse body weights and proportions. If you are on the petite side, you can find small ones around 40 inches high and slightly less wide to hold you tight in place. If you tend to a heavier built, some models are tall, wide, and deep enough to help you sit at ease.

Most recliners meant for home use are versatile, with adjustable incline. Do you prefer extra-large comfort seating in your sprawling living room or something that fits nicely into the corner of your compact apartment? Watch football, read up the book you’ve been putting off, or simply catch up with loved ones sitting on one of these. This is especially true in November the start of the festive season when there is a spike in recliner sales.

Look through the catalog for specific features when shopping for a recliner. For instance, one with a swivel base would mean you get additional reach and mobility. You can also match them up with ottomans to get enhanced feet support. Also, things like manual or push-button recline are small features that become blessings over time.

3. Sophisticated design

A recliner’s appearance is a thing apart from its functionality. Its design aspects, namely its shape, style, color, material, and overall aesthetics matter. It is the appearance of the furniture that makes the first impression.

Expect to find vintage and contemporary silhouettes in the recliner inventory. There are style aspects that reflect culture and ethos. For instance, a traditional Danish look brings together classic straight lines whereas contemporary chic is reflected in the natural wood frames and the upholstery. Leather, suede, and fabric are used to breathe fresh life into an otherwise muted living room.

4. Wide range of pricing

If you are on the lookout for your first recliner, chances are you have already worked out a budget. And that is crucial to making a smart buy since your average recliner does a lot more than your average chair. Naturally, it would be costlier. Plus, you have to figure out what all you want in that in terms of features and accessories. Every model is different and prices vary accordingly. So, compare features when you compare prices to arrive at a recliner that is easy on your back and your pocket.

Recliner prices may range upwards of $1000 if you want quality and lasting performance. For premium models, be prepared to shell out more. However, brands have devised ways to help buyers fulfill their dreams. Connect with a recliner maker to know more about financing schemes available with them.  While some offer a one-time payment, others enable you to pay in easy periodic installments. Get in-depth pricing details for the recliner of your choice and make sure it fulfills all your needs.

5. Assurance of quality

Recliners are expensive investments. To make the most out of it, buyers generally ask about its upkeep. A high-maintenance recliner keeps draining out your resources. Similarly, getting it fixed by unauthorized personnel may not be in your best interests. Hence, before you give your heart away, look for a warranty.

Usually, makers of premium recliners provide their customers with a service contract on the body – the inner framework and mechanism– as well as the upholstery. Sometimes these warranties are valid for a lifetime while in other cases they are applicable for a fixed number of years. For instance, you may find recliner motors are coved for 4-5 years whereas the battery warranty is for 12 months.


If you don’t mind the upfront expense, buying a recliner is a smart move. It is good for your back and helps alleviate stress. It is good for your home, ushering in a note of sophistication. So if you’re looking for a comfortable time with your family while also adding sophistication to your living room, make sure you check out our recliner options.

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