5 Reclining Leather Sectionals You’ll Want to Try

5 Reclining Leather Sectionals You’ll Want to Try

Leather sectionals are a wonderful addition to any home. Those who don’t know what a sectional is might confuse it with a regular sofa. In fact, sectionals are also a type of sofa, serving as a comfortable seating space for three or more people. But there’s a small difference between a regular and a sectional sofa.

Sectionals consist of two or more sections, or parts, that are upholstered and attached. They can be configured in different arrangements, making them more versatile and customizable. To make things better, many leather sectionals also come with an integrated power reclining system for additional comfort and relaxation.

Premium quality reclining leather sectionals are perfect for living spaces, aesthetically and functionally. But don’t just take our word for it. See for yourself as we list five amazing reclining sectionals that will elevate your interior space to the next level.

Leather Sectionals for Your Home

When it comes to furniture, you’ll find hundreds of options. The same goes for reclining sectional sofas. But even though getting a piece of new furniture is exciting, it’s not as fun when you have to browse through an ocean of products and decide which one will be most suitable for your home.

That’s why we’re speeding up the process for you. Skip through the hassle of checking out tons of different sectional sofas. Here are five of the best reclining leather sectionals which can be the next best furniture for your beautiful living space.


florence recliner sectional

Crafted in Italy, Florence is spacious and simple yet elegant. This reclining leather sectional comprises a 5-piece seating arrangement, complemented with three reclining headrests and three adjustable leg rests. The basic configuration is an L-shaped design with a slight curve at the inner edge. However, it has customizable options for the configuration, size, and choice of leather.

Place it in the common living room for friends and relatives or your personal sitting room to enjoy movie nights and quality time with family. Florence has enough space to host multiple guests and is even more suitable for small families, as the corner area is perfect for kids to sit and rest.


fabio sectional

If you’re looking for a particularly large sectional sofa that can accommodate you, Fabio is just what you need. It’s a 6-piece reclining sectional, which means there is ample space for five or six people to sit around comfortably. Premium quality leather covering gives it a classic, polished look, vastly improving the vibe and design of your room.

Fabio also has an L-shaped design with a chaise at one end to stretch your legs. There are two reclining headrests at both ends, allowing you to lay back and relax as you sink into comfort. This sectional sofa is better suited for large living areas and can serve as an ideal space for chilling with friends and family or hosting small gatherings.


charles recliner sectional

Charles reclining sectional sofa also sports a 5-piece configuration, with three leg rests and elevated headrests all along the sofa’s length. The armrests at both ends have a built-in controller for the reclining mechanism. The sofa’s base is made of a durable metal framework, leaving some space at the bottom.

It has a stylish and sophisticated design, making it an excellent centerpiece for your living room. The distinguished look of the leather covering and the comfort of soft foam cushioning can be described as a perfect union of elegance and relaxation. Inclined headrests provide proper head and neck support. Exquisitely designed, sizeable and comfortable, Charles is an all-rounder reclinable sectional.


pachuca sectional

Pachuca is an amazing example of elegance in simplicity. The design is quite plain at a glance; 4-piece configuration with an additional chaise, no leg rests but soft, padded back cushions for comfort. Yet, it manages to project a cozy and homely aura and feels very inviting when you crash after a hard day at work.

Another exciting feature is that despite the simple design, it has multiple configurations, so you can arrange it in different positions based on your preference. The chaise can be kept separately as a single long chair, the main body can be arranged into smaller love seats, and you can explore more configurations as per your own ideas. If you love customizable options, Pachuca is a reclining sectional sofa that you have to check out.


giorgios recliner sectional

Giorgio is also a 5-piece L-shaped sectional, extending evenly on both ends. Its leather covering comes in three color options – dark denim, camel, and gray. The texture and shine of the leather immediately catch the eye due to its contemporary design and appearance. Although there are no leg rests or chaises, the seating space is super spacious to accommodate guests and visitors.

In fact, Giorgio is more suitable for guests instead of family. The sofa is incredibly comfortable, but it inclines more towards accommodation rather than relaxation, as can be seen by the lack of leg rests or chaise. If you’re looking for a nice showpiece sofa for your living area where you can invite friends and acquaintances, this reclinable sectional sofa fits the bill perfectly.


If you’re convinced that a sectional sofa is just what your home needs, then check out the options above. And if you want to browse more beautiful furniture for your home, drop by for a visit at Niu Urban Living showroom in McAllen, TX. We have a wide selection of premium furniture and home accessories to meet all your interior designing needs under one roof.

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