Stressless Furniture: Perfect Union of Elegance and Comfort

Stressless Furniture: Perfect Union of Elegance and Comfort

You’ve come from a hectic day at work. Imagine throwing yourself in a soft recliner, slowly sinking into its comfort as it engulfs your body and adjusts to even the slightest movement. It’s pure bliss. The best part is that this delightful experience doesn’t have to be limited to your imagination because Stressless Furniture has turned it into a reality.

Famous for its exceptionally comfortable recliners, Stressless has been successfully manufacturing world-class furniture for decades. Originating from the hills and fjords of Norway, Stressless stays true to its Nordic roots as it combines raw craftsmanship with the benefits of modern-day automation, bringing out the best of both worlds in its elegant furniture.

The Origin of Stressless Furniture – From the Heart of Scandinavia

Stressless Furniture was first manufactured in Norway in 1971 by Jens E. Ekornes. Before he brought Stressless recliners to life, Ekornes perfected his trade and crafting skills by working in various parts of Europe and the USA in his early years. Putting his expertise and craftsmanship to good use, there was only one goal in his mind when he created the first Stressless recliner – comfort like no other.

By 1980, Stressless recliners were already a huge hit, reaching the milestone of total sales worth 100 million Norwegian Kroner. This success continued as the numbers and figures kept on growing. In 1991, the company took another big leap in innovation with its Plus system. This patented technology allowed the recliners to adjust the headrest and the lumbar support based on the position and movement of the user, taking the comfort factor to the next level.

Gradually, they expanded their range of products to more than just recliners, as the company started making sofas, ergonomic chairs, furniture sets with the same designs, and much more. What’s noteworthy is that every product and range they launched stayed true to their core values – a mixture of elegance and sheer comfort! More than five decades later, Stressless furniture still upholds its founding vision with a wide range of soft, cozy recliners and sofas that replicate every movement of your body.

Best Products from Stressless Furniture

Simple yet aesthetic design, high functionality, carefully crafted with premium materials, and above all, unmatched comfort are the signature qualities of Stressless Furniture, which can be found in every single product in its catalog. The dedication to consistently maintaining these attributes is the main reason for the widespread popularity of Stressless. Here are some of the top picks from their vast range of products.


Magic Recliners

Magic by Stressless is, in one word – Magical! Made from high-quality leather and sporting its signature PlusTM System, the Magic recliner smoothly tilts and glides to adjust to your position. The headrest intuitively sets itself in the proper position when you recline. The lumbar support also protrudes slightly outward, ensuring that your neck, back, and overall region are perfectly supported no matter your position. With a slight motion of your hands, you can also activate the sleep function, which allows the chair to recline back so that you can enjoy a cozy and comfortable nap as you sink into the softness of Magic.


Mayfair Recliner

Mayfair is one of the signature products from Stressless and also one of the bestselling recliners. Crafted with utmost detail, using the latest, state-of-the-art technology, and overseen by design engineers with years of expertise, the final product is nothing short of perfection. It boasts an elegant design, smooth leather exteriors, and a sturdy interior frame and base. The PlusTM System is implemented in this recliner, which means you can enjoy the perfect head, neck, and back support as the chair seamlessly adjusts to even the smallest movement and aligns perfectly with your body contour. There are plenty of color combinations to choose from, both for the leather body and the wooden base, so you can pick the right design to suit your home’s interiors.


Emily Power Sofa

The spacious and blissfully comfortable Emily power sofa set is the perfect addition to your living rooms. You can choose from various seat modules, from 2 or 3 seaters to longer, bigger, L-shaped designs. Every module comes with an adjustable headrest and additional footrest. Interior motors allow you to recline with just the push of a button, or you can also go for a fixed-back model if that is what you prefer. The aesthetics are as beautiful as other Stressless products, so it will serve as a cozy area to sit back and relax and as a magnificent showpiece to add some elegance to your interior living space.

Consul Home Office Chair

The sleek leather finish and classic wooden base of the Consul home office chair is a treat for the eyes. But it’s not just about the looks – this ergonomic chair also features the same reclining technology as the recliner chairs from Stressless. It’s a perfect combination of firmness and comfort, with adjustable height and smooth mobility. The color variations are a bonus so that you can customize the chair to fit in perfectly with the theme and design of your home office. Give your neck and back some much-needed support as you push through your daily work in your home office with the stylish and comfortable Consul ergonomic chair.

Stressless Furniture in McAllen, TX

Indulge in the Nordic beauty and comfort of Stressless furniture right here in McAllen by visiting the Niu Urban Living Showrooms. Whether you’re just browsing or set to add a new piece of comfortable furniture, just drop by our showroom at 1318 N 10th St, McAllen, TX 78501, for an enjoyable shopping experience.

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