Theodore Alexander Furniture: Luxurious, Unique & Lasting Lifetimes

Theodore Alexander Furniture: Luxurious, Unique & Lasting Lifetimes

Theodore Alexander living room with wooden floorsTheodore Alexander furniture was founded in 1996 by Paul Maitland-Smith. Mr. Smith, who now adorns the “American Home Furnishing Hall of Fame,” had started his journey in the furniture industry back in the 1950s as an antiques’ dealer based in London.

A gifted designer with inherent qualities of craftsmanship, by the 1970s, Mr. Smith started producing Chippendale chairs in Asia based on his designs and selling them in London. These chairs gained popularity as expected, owing to their 18th century-inspired materials of copper, brass, porcelain, leather, shagreen, lacquer, and eggshell in a unique blend of modern designs.

Through the 1970s, Mr. Smith lived around Asia to teach artisans the intricacies of bringing his designs to life with these materials. Using his experiences in Asia, Mr. Smith incorporated materials such as mother of pearl, fossil stone, rattan, and faux tortoiseshell to evolve his products. Two decades later, Theodore Alexander Furniture was established to produce one-of-a-kind, premium quality, luxury home furnishings with inspired designs that make them a timeless treasure.

At present, Theodore Alexander furniture is headquartered in High Point, North Carolina, United States, and also has a production factory in Vietnam, with more than 5,000 employees handcrafting home furnishings for customers worldwide.

Theodore Alexander Attributes

Theodore Alexander Furniture is one of the leading luxury home furnishing brands globally, with more than 25 years of unrivaled leadership in the industry. Their designs are developed true to their vision and brand value, with interesting material blends, expert handcrafting by artisans, and uncompromising quality.

Theodore Alexander Top Products

Every piece of Theodore Alexander Furniture is a statement of luxury, quality, and impeccable taste, a timeless treasure. A Theodore Alexander statement piece of furniture can elevate your space to exude refined taste and style like no other.

Ravenswood sofa white

Ravenswood Sofa

A premium extended sofa compactly designed for maximum space and a luxurious seating experience, enhanced with twin loose cushions and a backseat for the ultimate sofa experience, where you don’t have to compromise your space in the sofa. Two throw pillows for added comfort accentuated with bold track arms and feet feature when you want to let loose on your sofa.

It is originally designed with a neutral fabric but is customizable depending on your choice and your home’s color palette to make it the perfect fit. The wood finish is also customizable on request so that you can add your own touch to the sofa added with the legacy of Theodore Alexander Furniture. Prices are subjected to change based on your choice of upholstery fabric and wood finish.

stacked wooden cocktail tables

Tide Cocktail Table Set

A design inspired by nature, this cocktail table set is unlike the regular four-cornered shiny finish tables at every shop. The tide cocktail table set embodies its name. With irregular rims, much like a water droplet, this table set brings the softness of nature and the ocean into your living space. This table set adds a calming, rustic, natural vibe to your space that can bring together all your other furniture in harmony and unites them for the ultimate visual appeal. This table set is available in more than 40 different finishes, and the price depends on the finish you choose.

round marble top cocktail table

Washi Marble Coffee Table

This coffee table is a premium product designed by the renowned Michael Berman, with a Bianco Carrara tabletop crafted from marble and the base replicating open, free brushstrokes made of composite. When you choose your coffee table, you choose the space where you will unwind, think and even carry out important conversations. It is important to make a mindful choice that suits your space and your personality for an unhinged experience every time.

large luohan cocktail table

Luohan Cocktail Table

Inspired by the 17th century Ming Dynasty Luohan daybed, this cocktail table is an evolved recreation of antique designs to fit contemporary times. A Theodore Alexander statement piece, crafted with Mahogany and  Amara ebony wood with expert craftsmanship, has preserved grains from the original wood, visible on the wood finishing.

The mahogany angular legs of the table support the sunburst inlaid top and create additional directional movement. This table aligns its look, finish, and quality with the historic “Huanghuali,” a rare species of rosewood belonging to China’s Hainan province, which has been used for ages. With this table, you can bring history from the 17th century with the finesse of modern times into your living space.

Theodore Alexander Furniture in McAllen TX

The premium, timeless furniture of Theodore Alexander is available in McAllen, TX, at the Niu Urban Living Showrooms. For purchasing customizable, premium furniture, we highly recommend visiting our stores and consulting our team of experts before your purchase for a seamless experience. You can visit our stores at 1318 N. 10th St. McAllen, TX 78501, or call us for any information.

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